Zetsuborg (ゼツボーグ Zetsubōgu) are the main monsters in this season. They are created when the Three Musketeers trap people into the Gate of Desperation, which takes away the victims dream. When they are defeated, they say "dreaming".


Zetsuborgs are bipedal and have a giant black lock with a red light glowing from the keyhole in front of it. Their actual bodies take on an appearance related to the victim's dream.

List of ZetsuborgsEdit

Episode Appearance Image Possessing Summoned By Defeated With Origin
Episode 1
Book Zetsuborg
Picture Book Close Floral Tourbillon Nanase Yui, whose dream was to become a children's book author.
Episode 2
Soccer Trophy Close Mermaid Ripple A soccer player whose dream is to be top scorer in a match and win a trophy.
Episode 3
This Episode's Zetsuborg (03)
Judo Shut Floral Tourbillon A boy whose dream is to win first place in a judo match.
Episode 3 Please upload the image Karate Close Mermaid Ripple A boy, although it is unknown what his dream was.
Episode 4 Please upload the image Camera Close Floral Tourbillon A woman, although it is unknown what her dream was (possibly a photographer).
Episode 4 Please upload the image Fashion Model Close Twinkle Humming A girl whose dream was to win a beauty pageant.
Episode 5 Please upload the image Maths Teacher Close Twinkle Humming A young man whose dream was to become a maths teacher.
Episode 6 Please upload the image Baseball Lock Floral Tourbillon A boy whose dream was to become a professional baseball player.
Episode 7 Please upload the image Tennis Shut Floral Tourbillon Aihara Yuuki, whose dream was to become a top tennis player.
Episode 8 Please upload the image Oven Lock Floral Tourbillon A girl whose dream was to win a baking competition.
Episode 9 Please upload the image Film Camera Close Mermaid Ripple A boy whose dream was to become a horror movie director.
Episode 10 Please upload the image Windmill Close

Floral Tourbillon

Mermaid Ripple

Twinkle Humming

From the dreams of all the graduate students of Noble Academy who had them etched on the walls.


  • Their name is a hybrid between Zetsubō (Despair) and Cyborg.
  • When the Zetsuborgs are purified, their red light fades away in a way in which it looks like they are closing their eye and they say "Dreaming...". 
  • Like the Jikochuu and the Saiark, they are created without fusing objects. 
  • They are voiced by Nakatsukasa Takayuki. 
  • Each of the commanders use their names when they trap people's dreams. Close says "Close Your Dream!", Shut says "Shut Your Dream!" and Lock says "Lock Your Dream!".