Twilight (トワイライト Towairaito) is a villain from this season, and is also known as the Princess of Despair. She usually carries a violin with her.

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Twilight has silver hair with some tied into a bun that looks like a bow and the rest left tumbling down her shoulders and ends at her hips, and has a black ribbon tying the bun together. She wears a gold mask topped with a small red jewel and red eyes, and blue crystal earrings. She wears a black dress decorated with red parts. She also wears black cuffs on her wrists. Her dress is also detailed with a gold butterfly-shaped decoration that has red and green jewels in it. She has pale skin and carries a violin with her.

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  • Twilight is the second villain to be a princess, preceded by Regina from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure
  • Twilight shares a few similarities with Regina:
    • Both theme colours are black and red.
    • Both are princesses.
    • Both are villains.
    • Both have (or had) red eyes.
    • Both are second-in-command.

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