Prince Kanata (カナタ王子 Kanata Ōji) is the prince of Hope Kingdom. His full name is Prince Hope Grand Kanata (プリンス・ホープ・グランド・カナタ Purinsu Hōpu Gurando Kanata).

Appearance Edit

He has pink eyes and hair with a purple ombre with a small gold crown that has a red jewel in the middle on his head. His outfit consists of a white coat with gold accents with a red jewel attached to his neck by a two layered bow. His wears navy blue shoulder pads with loopy ribbons and his sleeves are white with blue cuffs that has a gold trim at the top and white feathery frills on the bottom. He wears a light blue vest with gold trims and buttons underneath the coat as well as blue pants and tall white boots with a gold trim at the top. He wields a staff.

Personality Edit

The heroic prince of Hope Kingdom who has a gentle and brave heart.

History Edit

Once upon a time, Prince Kanata met Haruka and gave her a "Dress Up Key" and taught her the importance of dreams. A few years later, Hope Kingdom was attacked by Dyspear, the Sorceress of Despair. In order to save his kingdom, Hope Kingdom, Kanata sent the siblings, Aroma and Pafu to Earth were he gave them the "Princess Perfumes" so they can find the legendary Princess Pretty Cure. 

Relationships Edit

Pafu and Aroma - In Episode 6, Pafu was excited to see Prince Kanata again, meaning that the fairies respect him.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is the third male supporting character, after Okada Joe and Blue.
  • He is the second character to wield a staff, after Queen Mirage.
  • He is the first male character to have an ombre.
  • He is the second character to have a longer version of his name after Shirayuki Hime. Even though he is the first non-Cure character to have one. 
  • He is the 17th character (main or supporting) to be royalty, preceded by the Queen, Kujou Hikari (seeing that she is the Queen's life), Coco, Natts, King Donuts, Queen Bavarois, Princess Crepe, King Montblanc, Tarte, Aphrodite, Mephisto, Shirabe Ako,Royale Queen, Candy, Madoka Aguri (seeing that she is Princess Marie Ange's lightside), Regina (seeing that she is Princess Marie Ange's dark side), Princess Marie Ange, and Shirayuki Hime.

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