Nanase Yui (七瀬ゆい Nanase Yui) is a minor character who appears in this season. She is the roommate of Haruno Haruka and her dream is to be a children's book author.

Appearance Edit

Yui has dark blue hair tied into two braids that she leaves resting over her shoulders. She has maroon eyes with glasses. She is mostly seen in her school uniform.

Personality Edit

Yui seems to be very friendly as she shows her new roommate Haruno Haruka (who she just met) around the school. She also has a talent for art as her dream is to make a best selling picture book.

History Edit

Meeting Haruka and Becoming the First Target Edit

When Haruka arrives at Noble Academy, Yui appears and shows her around. Haruka goes into the forest and Yui follows her, only for Close, one of the generals of Dys Dark, to lock her dream of being an author away and create a Zetsuborg. She is soon freed after Haruka, who transformed into Cure Flora, purified it.

Trivia Edit

  • The opening shows Yui with Aroma and Pafu beside her. This could hint that she may learn Haruka's identity of being a Pretty Cure. 
  • She is the first character to find out the Cures' identity in this series.
    • Yui is the third so far to learn the Cures' true identities throughout the franchise, after Chinen Miyuki from Fresh Pretty Cure! and Sagara Seiji from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!

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