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"Strongly! Gently! Beautifully! Go! Princess Pretty Cure!"


Tsuyoku! Yasashiku! Utsukushiku! Go! Purinsesu Purikyua!


Gokigenyou, everyone!

Read on, and you will discover and learn more about the hit anime, Go! Princess Pretty Cure! Here, you will learn about the three girls, Haruno Haruka, Kaido Minami and Amanogawa Kirara, and about the rest of the characters. You will see their songs, CDs, albums and much more! Please enjoy! To know more, please refer to the Go! Princess Pretty Cure page.

Yours in Pretty Cure and royal love,

  • HanasakiTsubomi997

Characters Edit

Name Loyalty Title Teammates
Haruno Haruka

Pretty Cure

Princess of Flowers

Kaido Minami

Amanogawa Kirara

Kaido Minami Pretty Cure Princess of the Seas

Haruno Haruka

Amanogawa Kirara

Amanogawa Kirara Pretty Cure Princess of Stars

Haruno Haruka

Kaido Minami

Pafu Fairy Pretty Cure Fairy Aroma
Aroma Fairy Pretty Cure Fairy Pafu
Prince Kanata Prince Prince of Hope Kingdom None
Miss Shamour Fairy Teacher of the Pretty Cure None
Dyspear Sorceress

Ruler of Dys Dark

Sorceress of Despair

Twilight Princess Princess of Despair None
Close Musketeer Subordinate of Dyspear



Shut Musketeer Subordinate of Dyspear



Lock Musketeer Subordinate of Despair



Zetsuborg Monster Monster of Despair None
Nanase Yui Secondary Character Roommate to Haruka Unknown

Latest activityEdit

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Go! Princess Pretty Cure official wallpaper.

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