Dyspear (ディスピア Disupia) is the main antagonist and leader of Dys Dark. She and her commanders, the Three Musketeers, have taken over Hope Kingdom, the home of Prince Kanata.

History Edit

Prior to the beginning of the series, she takes over Hope Kingdom and spreads despair all around, locking the citizens' dreams away and trapping them in cages.

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She wears a low-cut floor-length long sleeved black dress with black feathers on the bottom. She also wears a dark purple belt and sharp shoulder pads. She has a pair of red gloves and a red cape which is connected to her hands and headdress. Her headdress is black and purple with two horn-like pretrusions and a violet crystal crown. She also wears a black mask and there is an open keyhole on her chest. She has red eyes and black hair.

Personality Edit

She is very ruthless and cunning and wants to spread chaos and despair around the world. She dislikes hopes and dreams.

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Trivia Edit

  • She is the third female main villain, following Desperaia and Queen Mirage.
  • Her name comes from the word "despair".

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