Aroma (アロマ Aroma) is one of the main fairies from this season. He ends his sentences with "~roma" .

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Aroma is a bird-like fairy with purple feathers with cream coloured areas on his face and stomach and two pink hearts on his cheeks. He wears a red bow with a gold crown-shaped brooch on his neck with a white frill coming out.

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Aroma is a cheerful and reliable fairy. He sometimes nags the girls in his efforts to lead them to being true princesses. He is always affectionate toward his younger sister, Pafu.

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Along with his younger sister, Pafu, Aroma was given the Princess Perfumes from Prince Kanata so they could find the Princess Pretty Cure. 

Meeting Haruno Haruka Edit

After Haruno Haruka's new roommate, Nanase Yui, asks what Haruka's dream is, an embarrassed Haruka runs off into the woods first running into Pafu who shocks Haruka with her ability to talk. Aroma then comes down from the trees carrying a small treasure chest. Haruka freaks out a little again but then muses that parrots can usually talk anyway. Aroma is somewhat annoyed at being called a parrot and says along with his sister that they are fairies. Soon after, Close attacks and seals Nanase Yui's dream to create aZetsuborg which attacks the two mascots. The chest pops open revealing that it contains the Princess Perfume. Seeing Haruka's totem, both Aroma and Pafu realize that it is the Dress Up Key that can open the Princess Perfume and Haruka transforms and defeats the Zetsuborg.

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Pafu - His younger sister.

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The word Aroma means a smell or fragrant.

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  • Aroma is the second bird-like fairy to appear in the franchise, preceded by Syrup. 
  • He is the third male mascot to have a sister, preceded by Pop and Pollun.

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